Cape May Patriots Chapter - NSDAR
Cape May Court House, New Jersey

2013 - 2016

        Ms. Geraldine Fruchtman
       Mrs. Patricia Munson-Siter
        Mrs. Amy M. Morier
        Mrs. Patricia Munson-Siter
        Ms. Geraldine Fruchtman
        Mrs. Carol McIntire
        Mrs. Lee Ann H. Gray-Perle
        Mrs. Karen Behr
        Mrs. Mary Buckwalter


The Cape May Patriots Chapter, organized Dec. 17, 1921, took its name to honor the 151 men from Cape May County who were mustered to arms in 1777, as well as the many local seamen and privateers who harassed and plundered the British shipping near the entrance to the Delaware Bay. In 1932, members of the chapter living in the Ocean City area formed the Sarah Stillwell Chapter. In 1998, this chapter was merged with the Cape May Patriots.

Motto's & Themes
NSDAR Motto: "God, Home and Country"

The Young Administration Theme:
“Honoring Our Heritage-Focusing on the Future-Celebrate America”

2013-2016 New Jersey State Theme:
“Reflect on the Past...Light the Future”

patriotic girl holding flag

Unless otherwise specified, regular chapter meetings are held in the town of Villas, New Jersey. Please contact us through our webmaster, if you would like to attend one of our programs.

Please email us for interest in attending a chapter meeting.

Patriot Ancestors

John Adams (NJ)
Stephen Arnold. PVT (CT)

Timothy Bacon, (MA)
Phineas Bates (MA)
William Bell, Ensign (MA)
Silas Benton (CT)
Jonathan Bonsall (PA)
Capt. Abel Brace (CT)
John Brackenridge, PVT (PA)
Adley Brown (NJ)
Benjamin Burroughs (NJ)
John Cary, CPL (PA)
James Chattin (NJ)
John Conley/Connelly (MD)
Abner Corson, Sr. (NJ)
Hugh Cunningham (VA)
Thomas Cunningham (VA)
William Cunningham (VA)
Seth Currier, Surveyor of Highways (VA)
Moses Darby (CT)
Adonijah Day, PVT (CT)
Jacob Dengler, PVT (PA)
Dr. John Dickinson (NJ)
Joseph Dix (MA)
Daniel Dubbs (PA)
Joshua Dunlap (CT)
Amherst Dyer (RI)
Edward Dyer (RI)
Joseph Edwards (NJ)
William Eldredge (NJ)
Summers Enzor (NC)
Rees(e) Evans (PA)
Constantine Foster (NJ)
Joseph Foster, Jr. (MA)
John Gardner (NJ)
Nathaniel Gardner (MA)
Johannes Goepfest (PA)
John Goepfert (PA)
David Hand (NJ)
Elijah Hand (NJ)
Ellis Hughes (NJ)
Joseph Hardman (MD)
Jacob Hazen (CT)
Christian Hoffman (PA)
John Hoffman (PA)
Nathaniel Holmes (NJ)
Adam Hoover (PA)
Memucan Hughes (NJ)
James Booth Hunt (NJ)
Andrew Hyde (CT)
Zadok Ingell (MA)
Paul Knauss (PA)
Aaron Leaming (NJ)
Christopher Leaming (NJ)
Timothy Lester Sr. (CT)
Timothy Lester Jr. (CT)
Gamaliel Little (CT)
Col. William Lowther (VA)
1st Lt. Henry Ludlum (NJ)
Michael Ludwig, Sr. (PA)
Col. John Mackey (NJ)
Alexander McKay (PA)
John Milliman, Sr. (RI)
Charles Morrow (PA)
Rudolph Neff (PA)
Levin Okey (MD)
Jonas Orsor (NY)
Samuel Pease (CT, NY)
Darius Peck (CT)
Dr. James Pecker (MA)
John I. Reid (NJ)
Abijah Reeves (NJ)
William Regester, PVT (PA)
William Reynolds (CT)
Frederick Ripperdan (VA, KY)
John Roberts (PA)
1st Lt. George Schall (PA)
Enos Schellenger (NJ
Philip Shambaugh (PA) )
Jonadab Sheppard (NJ)
Elias Smith (NJ)
William Smith (NJ)
Ashbel Spencer (CT)
1st Lt. Samuel Springer (NJ)
John Stevens (PA)
Benijah Thompson (NJ)
James Tomlinson (NJ)
Henry Young Townsend (NJ)
Isaac VanGilder (NJ)
Capt. David Weatherby (NJ)
James Whilldin (NJ)
Ezekiel White (NC)
Lt. Lemuel Williams (ME)
Capt. Samuel Wescott (NJ)
1st Lt. Joseph Wooddell (VA)
Thomas Wooddell (VA)

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